Year 5


Thank you to all that attended and offered support to a very successful Sangha 2018. This gathering continues to grow every year in attendance and our connections throughout the community. You may have noticed Sangha represented in Calgary Pride parade and on Princes Island as we contributed the Luna Temple to an afternoon of acoustic music and a place to relax.

The creation of the Sangha Arts Department was also a very successful addition to Sangha.

We are expecting more growth for 2019 as we continue to create a rich experience for all that attend. Check out our Fundraiser April 6th at Green Fools Theater. Familiarius: A Touch of Tantra is Calgary’s premier events exploring Intimacy. Check our events/tickets page for more details.


  • Christmas Special: $155 November 20th Sold Out
  • Early Bird Tickets: $180 January 26-March 15, 2019                          50 tickets to be released
  • Tier one Tickets: $195 March 15-May 15, 2019                                      50 tickets to be released
  • Tier two Tickets: $215 May 15th-July 5 (noon)
  • Gate Prices: $235
  • Children ( Ages 3 to 11 ): $25
  • Young People (Ages 12-17): $50
  • Saturday to Monday Passes: $175
  • Sunday to Monday Passes: $120
  • Single Day Passes: $85
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