Familiarius: A Touch of Tantra

  • April 6, 2019 - April 7, 2019
    7:30 pm - 1:30 am

Familiarius is the Latin root word for Intimacy and is translated as, to become familiar with.

April 6th come celebrate and explore the various ways we can be intimate with each other.

The evening will begin with a 45-60 minute variety stage show. each show will depict an aspect of intimacy. This includes kink, sensuality, friendship, love found/lost, energetic, etc.

The stage shows will feature Burlesque, belly and tribal dancing, singing, story telling, and comedy. Expect to be stimulated.

Following a brief intermission you may choose from one of three 75 minute workshops:

Option A) Couples Massage: Facilitated by a certified massage therapist in the Luna temple

Option B) Ropes: Facilitated by Haven Kink

Option C) Latihan: A workshop on Energetic connections. This experience is with blindfolds. More info coming

Moving deeper into the night we will have downtempo/sensual music to dance to and a cuddle/social gathering in the Luna Temple.

This event will involve nudity and experiences of intimate nature.

This is not a play party and we insist on Consent, Respect, and Integrity.

So much more to announce. Check back as we are preparing to release all the details to this premier event in Calgary.

Please add all names of Registrants when purchasing your tickets. For Example

First name: John, Betty, Ron, Sue

Last name: Finley, King, Smithers,  Riley