Angela Bladon, Pearl White Quills, Kylee Dawn, Svitlana, Kat McKernan, Danard/Giselle, Mark G and Talloolah

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Angela Bladon is an Empowerment Practitioner: A Life & Relationship Coach, Community Organizer, Tantra Facilitator and mom of 3 children from Calgary, Alberta. She is passionate about supporting people in living fully and loving deeply from a place of pleasure, power, and ease. Angel enjoys building conscious communities and holding space for connection, vulnerability, emotional healing and growth. Angela’s educational background is in Psychology and Philosophy, and she has over a decade of experience in Mental Health, Research, Social Work, and Crisis Counselling.

Angel is a leader in the Calgary Tantra community, where she was mentored by its founder, Rovena Skye. She has attended, created, and assisted in the planning, organization and facilitation of more than 200 workshops, retreats, and training courses on vulnerability, managing emotional triggers, fearless relating (with self, others, and the world), conscious relationships, consent & boundaries, compassionate communication (NVC), body de-armouring, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, energy work, and sacred sexuality. Angela’s business: Numinous Creations.


Tantric Temple of Love: White Puja

Adults Only

You are invited to this sacred and heart-opening evening of presence and deep loving connection.
It’s a time to drop fully and consciously into presence and awareness; A chance to anchor in a deeper sense of love in yourself, and towards others.
It’s a space of exploration, self discovery, personal growth, and expansion; An opportunity to share who you are, and to be truly heard, felt, seen and understood by those around you. You will be offered the incredible gift of seeing others, for who they really are too.
The evening is fully facilitated, and you will be guided in a variety of non-sexual Tantric practices.
The exercises are designed to bring you into presence with yourself, your heart and the person you are connecting with.
With each practice you get to connect at a soul level with another. The shared experiences will be non-sexual in nature and will leave you in a beautiful, heartwarming space.♥️
Come to feel more alive and present in your body, to expand, to heal, and to create more space for what you want in life and in your relationships with others!
The container created here offers a space to be expressed and celebrated in your authentic yes however that looks from one moment to the next! 🙌🏻
Open yourself to the possibility of adoration, healing, and experiencing the deep unconditional love of your higher self in the span of just a couple short hours.

Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breath-work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being.
Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life.

Kylee Dawn has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a trained Trance Dance Facilitator; a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator, a Reiki Master, a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, the founder of Inshala Festival, co-owner of Evolved Productions, and a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.

Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance

Kylee Dawn

Imagine the journey of becoming the Dance

Moving each cell, each molecule – creating space for the mind to relax and to let the body groove. Imagine a place of pure enjoyment, a deep presence with Self and smiling from the inside out.

Join Kylee Dawn, as she invites you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You.

Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness, join us on this adventurous dance journey.

No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

Pearl White Quills
Dorvina Pearline White Quills is known as Pearl, Blackfoot from Kainai and Siksika in Alberta.
Blessed with the name ~ Sings Many Different Songs Woman. Her passion is expressed
through all forms of art. As a professional beadwork artist, teaching at schools and in the
community, Pearl developed courage to step into more opportunities to grow.
As a pow wow dance class teacher, leading youth is empowering. Traditional hand drum singing
allows her to spread the spirituality through powerful music of the First Nations.
Taking the initiative to arrange and host Womens Ceremony and Gatherings is important to

Pony Bead Keychains

In this class we will learn how to make keychains using pony beads. Pony beads are large beads
that don’t require a needle. Out of the numerous designs I chose to teach how to make:
-horse face
This is an easy and fun project that is friendly for all ages!

The People’s Plant…All there is to fall in love with about Hemp and Cannabis and How you can spread the love….

Kat McKernan is a Master Herbalist  and an experienced in the hemp community. She is also trained in a myriad of holistic healing modalities including cranial sacral therapy and New German Medicine. She is in the development of an Alberta based hemp cooperative and shares her love of healing plants with people and animals alike. She sees Cannabis Sativa L. or hemp and medicinal cannabis as a vital step forward in bringing nature back into medicine and on the industrial side of things transitioning from dependency on the petroleum industry. Come talk about the FACTS of this very complex and nuanced plant and how we can use it as a powerful plant all in a myriad of ways to better our bodies, minds and planet.

Talloolah Bliss as The Bone Whisperer is an iteration of spiritual shape shifting with sacred origins at Sangha 2017. Bone whispering is a highly personal conversation between me and what I experience and call the collective divine, or unity consciousness, facilitated by bones that have, over the last decade, presented themselves to me. The stories of how my bones came to me, and when, and the messages that weave themselves like patterned riddles into my meditations and ceremony with the bones, are my storytelling medicine. The allure of the messages are so compelling, I have come to understand a calling to use the narrative of my own life’s lived experiences in a highly accountable integrative service to humanity through the medicine of my own storytelling. I consider myself an elder-in-training, a storytelling medicine woman, following the spiritual trail of breadcrumbs I have come to hear as whisperings from bones.

What is the story you are telling?

The ancient art of storytelling is one of the fundamental human drivers of connection and innovation. What is the story you are telling, and how do you tell it? Are you aware of culture’s affect on your story? Are you interested in diving deeper into a contemplative life of curiosity, imagination and adventure into the realm of your own consciousness? Would you like to join me in exploring the inner reaches of unity consciousness?

Coming into clarity about who we really are is much more a leap of faith into an invented imagination than it is a discovery of a predestined certainty. The more humanity delves into quantum physics, submolecular biology and space exploration, the more humanity is discovering the potential for the evolvement and expansion of our collective consciousness. This expanded potential is careening all of humanity, all life on earth, into a collision course with ourselves. The external reflects the internal, and “waking up” has become common vernacular in my lifetime. It is my wish to encourage the cultivation of personal responsibility for the story we tell about our lives by embodying the strength in the vulnerability of my own.

Strength in Vulnerability: Bone Whispering 101 is a tale of beginnings, of becoming, of behaving and believing. Of Being. Come and see my collection of sacred bones, and hear how three of them became the compelling Fibonacci building sequence upon which I brave building the rest of my life. The medicine of bone whispers is my sacred path, and sharing the stories, art and music of my becoming The Bone Whisperer is my sacred gift to all light seekers at this vulnerable time in the collective becoming of our species.

Bone Whispering 101 is really about invoking the invitation for all who gather to understand that whispers of leading require the quiet space to be heard. My calling as the Bone Whisperer is to pique curiosity into magic, gently leading audiences into willing suspension of our cultural disbelief of what our First Nations brothers and sisters call The Great Mystery. My mission is to promote personal responsibility toward the village and unity consciousness by deeply engaging the traction of my own spiritual transformation of courage, clarity and willing surrender to the uncertainty of life in storytelling form.

Svitlana, Yogic Healing School YYC

Svitlana is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and the founder of Yogic Healing School YYC, a learning and practicing space for Kundalini yoga classes, meditation and Ayurveda. She fell in love with the ‘yoga of awareness’ since first hearing the sounds of the sacred mantras and experiencing for herself the power of touching the deeper levels of own being. Since then, she has accumulated over 700 hours of Kundalini yoga related training with the top senior teachers in the field. She aims to use her training and experience to bring the students closer to the true nature of their being and an ultimate state of health. Her classes are dynamic, intentional and sweetly held.

Join Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitator, Giselle Gilliard and Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner, Danard Willisko to experience a deeper connection to self through Conscious Connected Breathwork and Ortho-Bionomy®.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is both a psycho emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness.   The breath; a guide and a healer. Each breath becomes a powerful key to the awareness of our reality and who we are in our lives.  With the breath, we open and clear the pathways to well-being while exploring the continuum of body, beliefs, emotions, and non-physical realms.

Ortho-Bionomy® is a respectful and comfortable “hands-on” experience which gently relieves pain, stress, injury and trauma from the body and activates self-corrective nerve reflexes.  Ortho-Bionomy® calms the nervous system allowing the body to restore natural balance, alignment and well-being.

Explore the profound and trans-formative techniques of Conscious Connected Breathwork and Ortho-Bionomy® that catalyze the resolution and integration of energies and patterns on all levels while increasing range, ease and fluidity of movement, strength, balance and vitality.

Sacred Awakening Ceremony
Meghan Vornholt will lead a kundalini yoga practice to awaken shakti energy and remove blocks so the energy can move freely. Therapeutic sound bath by Sandy Mulroy while participants are in shavasana with her 10 crystal bowls, gong, and chants.

Qigong Soul Journeys

Mark Gendre

“Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy, air or breath, vitality or the Universal force of life. “Gong” means to work, use, practice, transform, cultivate or refine. Put simply, qigong means using this vital life energy to create a healthy mind and body. Through qigong we can heal not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. In truth, this type of integrated healing is the only way we can be completely healed. Through the practice of qigong, we can experience the perfect balance we are meant to have. Qigong combines meditation, focused concentration, breathing techniques and body movements to activate and cultivate our vital energy, qi, as it flows through our invisible meridian channels of the body. Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice and has been around for more than 5000 years. According to Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian philosophy, qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakens one’s “true nature”, and helps develop human potential.