Location & Policies


CAMP JUBILEE – Range Rd 42, Cochrane, AB T4C 2A4

Driving south on highway 22 , cross the bridge and look to your left for Sangha signs. Camp Jubilee has plenty of camping on this 90 acres of land with indoor showers, bathrooms, and dorm rooms for both adults, and families.

  • Leave no trace event: please take all waste (garbage and recyclables) with you. Blue and black garbage bags available at info booth
  • No pets. With the exception of working dogs(physical and emotional), no pets allowed on the premises
  • No smoking of cannabis on Camp Jubilee land. This is a policy from the caretakers of Camp Jubilee
  • Quiet camping area after 11pm
  • Night Owl camping, social gatherings permitted late at night. No electronics and please be mindful on not creating the noise level that disturbs others
  • Keep the fires in the designated fire pits
  • No public nudity-please be mindful that we are building a good connection with the town of Cochrane. You are a part of this effort to maintain healthy relations
  • Please keep showers and running water for emergencies. The septic tank can’t handle the large numbers that attend Sangha.
  • This is not a festival/gathering to become intoxicated with any substance. Imagine you have small eyes on you
  • No refunds to tickets under any circumstances
  • We have 4 dorm rooms with 24 beds in each. The rooms are very spacious and the beds are large for bunkbeds.
    – One dorm is for women only
    – One Dorm is for families with children 7 and up
    – One Dorm will be mixed
    – One Dorm reserved for Vendors equipment
  • Camp Jubilee is a girl guides camp. The next feet that will walk the land when we leave will be young people. Please help us clean the land and leave it better than we found when you leave