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Your Opportunity to learn through Vision, Feeling, Doing, and Understanding

Alice Hong

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Justin Miller

Justin Miller/ Monitor Sorriso

Justin is a Health and Movement Motivator. a Personal Trainer, coach and A Capoeira Monitor finding passion in movement and physical expression. This passion for movement has led me to study various practices such as Gymnastics, hand balancing, calisthenics, yoga, dance, and my greatest love….Capoeira.

Studies and training with amazing Capoeirstas and yogis from around the world also includes movement training with pioneers such as Ido Portal. These experiences expanded self awareness and understanding of movement while feeding his desire to keep learning and evolving.

Although I will always be a student, I have taken on more teaching roles recently as I excitedly share my passion and knowledge of the movement arts


CAPOEIRA (Ca-poh-eh-ra) is a form of martial art that combines self-defense with music and acrobatics. It was developed in Brazil over ?a period of about 400 years with its roots stretching all the way back to Africa.

In this workshop I will teach you some capoeira songs to which we will sing together, creating the space for the magic to happen. We will also go through a brief warm up and mobility practice and dabble in some acrobatics. After that I will teach you a sequence of capoeira movements so you can have your own small, flowing, capoeira game in the roda (wheel). Let’s play! Vamos Jogar!

Andrea Mclean

Charged-up by hugging trees and introverted time in her home studio, Andrea McLean is passionate about living in a place of creation. She is often busy at work in her home studio creating nature inspired pieces of work for people to enjoy. She believes that through meaningful and thoughtful work people can grow, transform and heal. Andrea has been teaching emotional intelligence classes at the community center in Bowness since April.


WORKSHOP – Welcome to the Improv Lab.

Nicole and Carol believe that laughter truly is the best medicine. Come play games and drills with us as we practice skills that make us better improvisers, and also better people. Improve your relationship with your partner, your boss, your friends, and yourself by practicing better listening, taking fun low-stakes risks with your new besties, and just being present in the moment.

Circles of Rythmn

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Tina Parsons

Tina Parsons is a Psychologist with over
two decades of experience in a
variety of settings including health
care, university, and non-profit. Her
private practice
( focuses on
the use of mindfulness as a mode of
therapy for both children and adults
wishing to establish their own practice
of mindfulness in daily activities.

Leah Graw

Invoke & Release: An Immersive Yin Experience


Leah is a dedicated yoga teacher and massage therapist based out of Calgary, AB. Her journey into the health and wellness community began in 2009 after encountering some serious mental and physical health setbacks. Recognizing that her current lifestyle was not sustainable or conducive to the person that she ultimately desired to be, she began attending Moksha yoga regularly with the original intent of solely improving her physical health. Her personal practice quickly revealed that physical health was only a small part of what practicing yoga could bring into her life.


Through daily practice and introspection, she was able to shift into a more positive, well balanced way of living that she is now passionate about sharing with others. Teaching yoga since 2014, she has since completed multiple advanced trainings and currently specializes in sharing the healing principles of yin yoga with others. Drawing from her personal experiences, passion and many years of involvement in Calgary’s wellness community to empower others brings her immense joy and is a mission she is committed to serving for the rest of her life.

Rebecca Dawn


Facebook- New Dawn And Rebecca Dawn Music and Performing Arts

Instagram- #Rebeccadawnhiphop and #newdawnlove

Rebecca Dawn

Rebecca Dawn is an underground Hip Hop emcee who got her start in Mexico, and now graces multiple stages in YYC with Jayzen, and their crew ContraVerse Collective. Her work with the Freestylimpics – a critically-acclaimed multi-skill emcee competition, Girls on Decks YYC, Calgary’s longest-running all-female DJ Collective and a plethora of non profit organizations; Rebecca is as powerful a force in the activist community as she is in the music community. “I create art as a lifestyle choice, Creativity is my guiding light in this world 🌎 Dance and Painting are two of my best healing tools – moving and creating art in community is how I socialize, meditate, pray, cleanse my energy and sustain my very life! I’m so grateful for my daily art practice, and so excited to share it with you!  Choosing to follow a creative path has led me to tremendous friendships, beautiful epiphanies, deeper states of inner peace despite significant challenges and obstacles,  and a better way of life. I make art not as a hobby or a job, but as a Celebration of my connection to Source, and a way to stay healthy in my human form 🧘‍♂️ Movement and Art have helped me recover from grief, anxiety, depression and trauma I believe it’s possible to create a friendly human habitat where people are empowered to be active and imaginative every day!”

Nicole Pemberton


Facebook- The Goddess Moves

Instagram- #thegoddessmoves and #wombdiaries

Nicole Pemberton

Nicole Pemberton is a woman, Dance Artist, Goddess and empowered leader who believes in the power of movement. She has a diploma and B.A in Dance and choreography. Her travels from her professional dance career has taken her all over Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. Nicole has knowledge in many dance styles and is currently flexing her teaching skills in studios and schools all over Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. She educates, choreographs and mentors with organizations SoundKreations, Footprints Dance and Movement With A Message. She has level two training in Reiki energy healing, currently training with Sofiah Thom and Health coaching with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

This Goddess has also been on a journey with discovering her womb and finding connections with awakening and finding healing through movement. This journey has been through study and embodiedment. She believes through movement, breath and full presence we can bring greater awareness to our bodies so we can start to clear blocks that hold us back! See you on the dance floor! OneLoveDance

Nicole and Rebecca present

Beats Chakra Love

Join Rebecca (New Dawn) and Nicole (The Goddess Moves) in a creative multi sensory full bodied experience.

The experience will contain a beautiful quartz crystal bowl sound bath tuning to the frequency of love that connects directly to the Heart Chakra (Anahata).

You will explore, clear and re-energize your chakras by painting your own Chakra art that you will be able to take home for your own meditation practice.

Musical vibes will guide an embodied movement meditation with rooted sacred practices, breath work that will invigorate and awaken your soul.

We gather together to commune, remember, create and move!

What to bring:

-comfortable clothes (that you don’t mind if paint gets on them), water, journal, Small towel

Rovena Skye

Bio Coming Soon

Sandy Mulroy

Sandy is an herbalist that works with plant spirit medicine. Sandy started her journey as a plant based nutritionist and raw food chef, she has a passion for elixir crafting and putting her superfoods and herbs to work for the body, mind and soul. Sandy crafts personal ceremonies and holds sacred circles for private or public events. Loving sanskrit mantras and ancient chants, she uses her alchemy and crystal singing bowls, along with many other instruments to bring the medicine of sound. And most recently Sandy has been traveling around bringing her plant based, foraging and fun retreats across Canada.

Lisa Ratz

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Aaron and Alissa are Tantric practitioners and teachers experiencing a Cosmic Partnership with one another. They share a family of 6 children, and operate the Academy of Tantric Science together. ​ They share a common understanding of the power of relationship as a ground for conscious awakening, breaking through past conditioning, healing toxic shame, and unlocking vital creative power. ​ More importantly, they share the common interest of supporting and serving others on this path ​ Visit their websites at Academy of Tantric Science & Tantric Life-Making website to listen in on their podcasts, enjoy their articles and more!
WORKSHOP Sri Yantra Pooja is the worship of the feminine principal in a diagrammatic form. This powerful Tantric ritual is regarded as the highest form of goddess worship, as the Sri Yantra and its potent mantras contain the energy of all the deities put together. While variations of this ritual can be lengthy and the symbolism of the yantra highly complex, anyone can gain the transformational benefits of this practice using a simple ‘at home’ formula. In this workshop, you will learn to invoke the feminine principal through exploration, visualization, offering of the elements and Her potent vibrations as mantras.

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