The Location



Range Rd 42, Cochrane, AB T4C 2A4

Driving south on highway 22 , cross the bridge and look to your left for Sangha signs. Camp Jubilee has plenty of camping on this 90 acres of land with dorm rooms, for women, mixed dorms, and families. Located a 5 minute drive from Cochrane.

The Centennial

Located in the heart of Jubilee, this large building is our main center for presentations. You will also find a mans and a woman’s bathrooms and showers as well as a canteen, lunch area, and female/male dorm rooms.

In the front of this building you will find the Hokey Pokey Clinic and the First Aid and Info booth. By the east side of the building will be the home of The Sangha Markets, and behind the Centennial is Common Ground.

Tranquility Cabin

Come to relax and share your experiences in a tranquil tent. Join ‘Twisted Sister’ to enjoy the tranquility of aromatherapy, hot eucalyptus steam presses, massage and other manual therapy. The Tranquility is all about self care through the subtleties of plant medicines and touch.

With massage tables, lounge areas to stretch out, and the shade from the summer heat one may enter and never leave.

Sponsored by: Twisted Sister and Sensualita

Common Ground

How do you identify yourself? Corporate Calgary, spiritual, artistic underground, mainstream? In The Common Ground we have created a place where we may find all that links us together; a common ground for all of us to share and experience. Located by two giant fire pits with plenty of shade and shelter this tranquil center is the place to learn and experience movement and the arts. Friday night we have the tribal night of drumming, dancing, and showcasing local talent during our Open Mic featuring music, spoken word, poetry, etc

Saturday watch Common Ground transform into a Vintage Carnival of Magic with colourful creatures, playful music, Palm readers, and amazing dance/acro performances.

Common Ground

Sacred Circle

Located by the Tipis this is our place for theme and artistic camps.

Sacred Circle

The Sangha Markets

The Sangha Markets offer arts and craft, food trucks, and many other items to explore. As we add the vendors we will advertise them so you know what to expect when you visit the markets.

Sangha Markets will be located at the Pallesen House with access to indoor bathrooms and shelter.

The Luna Temple

Check back soon as we create the space for women to come together and share there wisdom.

The Sangha Map

Camping: We have three options for camping at Sangha

  • Family Camping is the quiet place to camp with easy access to the playground, the Hokey Pokey Clinic and a short hop-skip-and jump to the showers and toilets.
  • Festival Camping is the location for Theme Camps and the people who wish to have a later night. Festival campers must set up before opening circle and stay until closing circle. This is to keep traffic out of the festival for the safety of our children and to maintain the peaceful harmony of Sangha.
  • RV Camping. Due to the heavy rain (seems like forever) we cannot have heavy RV’s on the grass. We will have spots for RV’s both in Festival Camping and Family Camping.

Dorm Beds

In The Centennial we will have a dorm for men and a dorm for females. We will also have two dorms for both males and females.
The Family Dorms is the place for families with children.
All dorms have close access to bathrooms and showers.
Presenter Dorms are for the presenters of Sangha

+ First Aid and Info Booth is located in the Hokey Pokey Clinic

Sangha Map


Below is a list of event guidelines we request everyone respect to help achieve a comfortable event atmosphere for all.

  • Sorry no animals at the event! We have wild life to respect
  • Children and teens must stay in the same dorms or tents with their parent or guardian.]Caution with children as we are close to the Bow river.
  • This is a family event. Be mindful that little eyes pick up on everything.
  • No blanket vending (vending spaces are available for a fee. Some vendors may be open to trades.)
  • We have Bar B Ques to cook with. Please be mindful and clean up for others
  • Cash only event
  • Pillow and blankets (both for indoor lodging and outdoor)
  • Bug spray, if you forget Twisted Sister is selling natural repellents in The Tranquility Cabin
  • Sensible attire for all of Calgary’s weather changes. Hats, rain coats, sunscreen, etc
  • A drinking mug and or water bottle
  • Paper and pencil
  • No generators and plugging in stereos. Acoustic only
  • Musical instruments (drums, guitars etc. for music and dancing)
  • Smiles