Tranquility Cabin

Tranquility Cabin

Come to relax and escape from the summer heat in our lounge area where you can stretch out to take a moment for yourself. Join us to unwind with aroma therapy, self care experiences, plant medicines and energetic clearings. A place to enhance your festival style and nourish your soul. One may enter and never leave the Tranquility Spa.


  • Hair Tattooing/Art, Dreads, Feather/Hair Extensions, Hair Wraps, Braids
  • Henna Art
  • Festival makeup, face & body painting
  • Foot Soaks & Reflexology
  • Medicinal Plant based products
  • Shamanic Bone Readings & Energy Clearings
  • Sound Bowl Energy Healing
  • BiodynamicCranial Sacral Therapy
  • MassageSpa Hours- Saturday & Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm
    (Closed from 12:00pm-1:00pm for lunch)

Some services are by donation others are set prices.

To pre-book services contact: Courtney at
Space is limited.

Tranquility Spa sponsored by Vanite Hair Boutique

Courtney Adomaitis

Courtney is honoured to be on the Sangha Council involved with the vision and development of the Tranquility Spa; and a contributor to the nightly entertainment. She has attended Sangha since the beginning and has had the pleasure of watching this beautiful Festival blossom into a supportive community of creative like-minded people. Creating and facilitating a place of relaxation, self care and healing has been a blessing. She is eager to share with all of you the collective of beautfiul human’s that make the Traquqility Spa such a wonderful escape. Courtney has 15+ professional years of experience in the hair & fashion industry; growing up being involved in a variety of sub cultures and art communities has given her a refreshingly creative outlook on hair. She is a young passionate, ambitious artist with an old spirit. She frequently enjoys working on photo-shoots, art events and creative collaborative projects. She truly loves to do hair and enjoys the opportunity to express new inspirations to create custom individual looks for each of her clients. Courtney’s signature style is inspired through belly dance, nature, art, culture & fashion. Courtney has known her calling from a very young age and immediately fell in love with her craft. She is motivated and driven by passion to further flourish and hone her skills. Courtney has had the opportunity to develop more advanced techniques from influential stylists including: Michael O’Rourke, Jonah Boyer, Tony Ricci, Jules Tognini, Sam Villa, and Kim Vo. You could truly call her a Master in her craft as she has developed advanced skills in hair tattooing, colouring, cutting & barbering. As an entrepreneur she has had the pleasure of having her own successful home based luxe salon Vanite Hair Boutique for three years. Come visit her this year in the Tranquility Spa to get your Festival Hair Flair on with your choice of; hair tattooing, feather extensions, fashion colour hair extensions, clip in dreads and hair wraps!

Other professions of this dynamic woman include Sanctuary Consulting, and a professional entertainer in the art of Belly Dance. Catch her performing under her alter ego ‘Lyla’ during the Festival.

                                                                                                                                2018-2019 Accomplishments

3Rd Place in the ABA Battle of the Barbers: Creative Freestyle
Flow Hair Care Master Cutting Class with Toni Ricci & Melanie Bourne
Raw Artist’s REFLECT Showcase: Featured Runway Stylist
Masters Certification in BABE Hair Extensions

Vanité Hair Boutique

t: 403.690.2122

Ramona Costa

A RMT with many years experience in therapeutic massage. Offering hand or neck massages.

Shauna Jayne

Shauna Jayne is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Shauna is a makeup artist, hairstylist, face painter and entertainer. She has many talents, but what she loves most of all is creating smiles and magical experiences through imaginative designs and creations. She will be offering Festival Makeup face & body paint in the Tranquility Spa and is excited to enhance your Festival style this year! Following in the footsteps of her father,  Shauna is a second generation stylist with a burning passion to encourage positive self-expression through creative makeup, hair and art. She has studied and worked extensively as a professional artist, and instructor in makeup and hair. She has been featured on Breakfast Television, Global News, Avenue Magazine, Paper Magazine (International), and American Salon Magazine. Shauna has been actively involved in Makeup and Theater for 20 years. In addition to working behind the scenes, she loves to entertain.  Shauna is also a dancer and performer known best for belly dancing with multiple swords.  She currently performs with Cirque de la Nuit, and teaches workshops.  She loves to create theatrical looks for herself and other performers. Other career highlights include, opening Atomic Beauty Bar in Inglewood; 3 years as Account Executive and Regional Trainer for NARS Cosmetics, and another 2 years as full-time Makeup & Hair Instructor for Artists Within Makeup Academy. If you want to know more about Shauna Jayne and her other professional makeup or hair services, you can find more on

Franca Perri

Franca is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with 18 years of therapeutic experience. She is passionate about the art of massage, self healing, and furthering her education in the field. Franca graduated from Mount Royal University’s esteemed massage therapy school and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) and licensed by the City of Calgary. Through her commitment to massage and education, she has acquired a wide range of modalities. Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Traditional Thai, Reiki, CranioSacral, Reflexology, Cupping, Facilitated Healing/Shaman, Cannabis Guidelines for manual therapy, Cannabis infused massage, Animal Communicator, Young Living/Cannalife Botanicals Distributor.

Franca will be offering a plant based Medicated foot soak followed by Reflexology with Maria.

Cannalife Products for sale and order: Lip balm, Arthritis and other pain and skin salves, massage oils, Tinctures for people and pets, infused cooking oils etc. All products lab tested!

“I promise to bring you the best professional care possible within my scope of practice, with full integrity.”

Franca Perri, RMT, MMRP

Knead ME? Massages 403-968-5756


Premium cannabis-infused, all natural remedy products designed to provide deep pain relief and healing for MMPR patience.

Made with love in BC, All products LAB TESTED

Products for sale and to order

  • Cannabis Salve
  • Arthritis Balm
  • Muscle Rub
  • Cannabis massage oils
  • Rejuvenating Face Oil
  • Pleasure Oil
  • Bath Soaks & Scrub
  • Nourishing Cannabis Lip Balm
  • Cannabis Coconut Oil
  • Cannabis Olive Oil
  • Cannabis Tinctures people and PETS
  • CBD Oil

All products are infused with CBD and THC for pain relief and medicinal purpose for MMPR patients.

Lucille- Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Lucille Rayner is trained by Body Intelligence, an internationally renowned program in the field.   She first began her journey in the holistic arts as a youth when she fell in love with essential oils, herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga. She has studied and worked in the natural health industry for over 10 years. She also spent time traveling, studying yoga, meditation and chi kung and is currently becoming certified as a teacher in these practices.  Becoming certified as a craniosacral therapist was a natural evolution of her passion for supporting people on their own wellness journey.  She continues to expand her personal practice as well as her knowledge base by working closely with mentors, and assisting instructors and students in Body Intelligence training programs . She is passionate about creating and holding a safe space, one where clients feel empowered to reconnect with their intrinsic health. BCST supports the body in remembering it’s innate intelligence and grand capacity to heal. She is devoted to helping build a relationship of trust in the health of her clients, allowing them to be the empowered leaders of their own experience.

BCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy) is a hands on light touch therapy that works with the body’s natural rhythms of self regulation and healing. At the heart of craniosacral touch there is a state of being present. Biodynamics focuses on unfolding our innate health to reestablish a balance mentally, physically and emotionally. Through the neutral listening presence of the practitioner, healthy expression and reorganization of the bodies tissues and fluids are supported.  BCST is effective and gentle in its influence balancing the central nervous system and supports all systems of the body from the core. Supportting and nurturing a felt-sense relationship with the wisdom that is the human physiology is a powerfully profound, yet gentle way to work with trauma. This creates a container for clients to come into a healthy resourced state.

Gareth is a sound healer and the face behind Crystal Vibes. He is delighted to be offering individual singing bowl sound healings at this year’s Sangha Tranquility Spa. The star of this offering is a rare and incredibly powerful 21 inch hand hammered Tibetan bowl. The healing is performed as you stand barefooted in the singing bowl. The bowl is struck on the sides with a special gong and the vibrations permeate deeply into your body, it’s as if you stepped into sound itself! The vibrations of this bowl have beautiful effects on the  body, harmonizing the cells and balancing the body’s energy system. To further enhance this unique experience, medicine drums, chimes and bells will be played around your body and the healing will conclude with smudging to cleanse and purify your aura. Gareth is excited to see you at this years Sangha Festival!

Terri is excited to be returning to Sangha for her second year in the Tranquility Spa offering Henna Art. She is gratful to have the the oportunity to share this ancient art with the Sangha community. Terri loves getting into a creative flow with traditional designs, the smell of the henna and beauty of the brown stain become a form of meditation for her.  Her Henna powder is organic and hand mixed with quality essential oils, lemon juice and sugar. There will be design options or you can let her inspiration create something special just for you! Terri looks forward to being a part of your festival experience!